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RP Character of the Year

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RP Character Spotlight

- Anon -

An enigmatic, but skilled & talented character of strength & bravery.
Anon is a guardian of an orphan, a revenant man of the once dead, & a wise, respected instructor. He hides behind a dark hood of mystery & presents himself as a "ghost" of Ercreia, yet he shines like a knight inside.

Female RP Character of the Month

Male RP Character of the Month

The RP Duo
- Sarena & Ben -

Tough Sarena & her cowardly "sidekick," Ben, make a great team as well as a silly & out-of-place pair, adventuring in dangerous & dark places, creating humor amongst the horror that finds them.
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Ercreia's Characters

A description of characters that are often seen around the forums, but are not anybody's main RP character.
These characters can only be used to interact with a members main RP character.
A member is not allowed to go into depth with these character (give them background stories, a new family member, etc.).


~ The Orphanage ~


Name: Gwen
Birthdate: March 19
Bio: Kind, friendly, & old-fashioned. Worries easily. She usually makes a room feel comfortable with her presence. Works at the Orphanage, though sometimes she'd complain about the children, she loves her job!


Name: Lydia
Age: 34
Gender: F
Birthdate: December 26
Strict, self-reliant, & well-mannered. Full of confidence & a little conceited. But she takes very good care of the children.


Name: Tamry
Age: 27
Gender: F
Birthdate: October 10
Hard-working, calm, & optimistic. She usually is the one who does activities with the children. She is a frequent volunteer at the orphanage.

Name: Thomas
Age: 10
Gender: M
Birthdate: July 3
A quiet, kind, but often sad & lonely boy.
He is the descendant of the mine worker who opened the door that unleashed the monsters back in the early 1800s.
His mother died from getting kicked by a horse, & since he has no other family members, is staying at the orphanage.
The kids often reject & ridicule him for being the descendant who "unleashed hell on all of us."
There are also rumors that his family is cursed with bad luck.


Name: Jennia
Gender: F
Birthdate: July 30
Shy when you first meet her, she actually opens up easily if you're friendly & is very creative, energetic, & sweet.
She is one of Thomas's only friend.
Jennia was abandoned by her mother who couldn't take of her & left Ercreia.


Name: Joey
Birthdate: July 18
Bio: Tends to stutter, & is ridiculed by others just like Thomas for it. But this also makes Joey become friends with Thomas.
Joey loves to eat, listen to stories, & learn about all sort of things. But he can get easily frightened which leads some kids to scare him from time to time.
His favorite game is Monopoly.
His parents were murdered by wolves as a child. The incident has caused him to be extremely scared of being alone. He hates wolves.


Name: Jorgerus
Age: 12
Gender: M
Birthdate: December 24
Bio: Likes to draw, read, & play video games. He's pretty calm & friendly most of the time & is quite the gentleman.
He enjoys sleeping a lot.
His former house was burned down with his family inside.


Name: Ramy
Age: 14
Gender: M
Birthdate: August 3
He enjoys playing pranks, video games, & tv. Often picks on Thomas & Joey.
He enjoys competitions but dislikes winning. He angers easily & is conceited.
His most treasured item is a toy solider given to him by his only parent/father, who died from the Demon Hunts.


Name: Rufus
Gender: M
Birthdate: November 29
Best friends with Ramy, who also had a parent died from a demon hunt & also picks on Thomas & Joey. He likes video games, tv, jokes, the outdoors, & drums. He has a loud voice & can be pretty reckless, but he's quite intelligent.


~ Other ~


Name: Darthamist
Age: 49
Gender: M
Birthdate: May 19
Bio: Usually he looks serious & seems pretty grumpy & tends to get irritated easily, but Darthamist is actually a pretty nice guy .
Back in the golden days, Darthamist used to be one of the contestants of the Demon Hunts, & often did he succeeded in winning. But he retired from the hunts and created a club for fighters and trainers.


Name: Quinsly
Age: 52
Gender: M
Birthdate: November 26
Bio: The town’s death predictor. He predicts the reasons of mysterious deaths that happen in Ercreia, & he is usually right…most of the time. Quinsly is usually pretty friendly around people and has a calm exterior and seems easy-going, but he secretly is very selfish & he dislikes people & finds them to be inferior to himself. He enjoys manipulating people and having people follow him.