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An enigmatic, but skilled & talented character of strength & bravery.
Anon is a guardian of an orphan, a revenant man of the once dead, & a wise, respected instructor. He hides behind a dark hood of mystery & presents himself as a "ghost" of Ercreia, yet he shines like a knight inside.

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Tough Sarena & her cowardly "sidekick," Ben, make a great team as well as a silly & out-of-place pair, adventuring in dangerous & dark places, creating humor amongst the horror that finds them.
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 The Great Bear

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PostSubject: The Great Bear   The Great Bear EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 5:08 pm

The Great Bear 2d_horror_snow_woods_ice_moonlight_bear_girl_female_woman

The Great Bear...

Like, the Great Wolf, the Great Bear appears only in the wintertime in the deep parts of Moon Shade Forest, has yellow glowing eyes that strike fear when you look at them, & moves quietly & shifts like a ghost.

But the Great Bear is not large & resembles a regular bear, with the exception of its glowing eyes, except this bear does not hibernate like normal bears & tends to roam in the snow of the deep forest.
He has a powerful and loud roar & is powerful enough to knock down a full grown tree.

The Great Bear has been sighted only by very few, but one claimed to have seen both the Great Bear & the Great Wolf fighting each other...

Who are these strange, magical creature?
Where did they come from & what is their purpose?

The Great Bear What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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The Great Bear
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