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- Anon -

An enigmatic, but skilled & talented character of strength & bravery.
Anon is a guardian of an orphan, a revenant man of the once dead, & a wise, respected instructor. He hides behind a dark hood of mystery & presents himself as a "ghost" of Ercreia, yet he shines like a knight inside.

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Tough Sarena & her cowardly "sidekick," Ben, make a great team as well as a silly & out-of-place pair, adventuring in dangerous & dark places, creating humor amongst the horror that finds them.
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Guardian Angel

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PostSubject: Spirits List   Spirits List EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 4:31 pm

This is a list of spirits that explorers have seen in the haunted asylum.

Laughing Lisa - Explorers who walk by Patient 23's (Lisa) room, have sometimes heard laughter from inside the room, but the place is empty, with the exclusion of an old bed.

Crying Girl - She has been heard crying on the second floor of the asylum. Wait - what's the ghost of a little girl doing at the asylum?

The Begger
- She appears in random places & is often heard begging for help.

The Screamer I - Sometimes walking on the first floor, by rooms 12-20. You hear surprising screams.

The Screamer II - On the second floor, a woman screaming "No!" sometimes appears in a certain corner & then disappears if you get close to her.

Seridon's Poltergeist - No one can see him, be he's obviously wild, crazy, & likes to scare people for fun. Sometimes while you're running & screaming from one of his scares, you might hear a distorted laughter...

The Whisperer - He's not a friendly spirit at all.
No one has seen him, but they have heard him. Nice & clear. "Get out."
He has the power like Seridon's Poltergeist, moving things around, but he intends to hit you with violent force, & not around you like Seridon's Poltergeist.

Shadows - Black ghosts with the figure of a person. They tend to be what you see at the corner of your eye.

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We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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Headstrong Go-getter

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PostSubject: Re: Spirits List   Spirits List EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 2:23 am

Anon strode quietly through the hallways, sure that he was being watched. The red pendent he carried was flashing red every few seconds and Anon knew every time it did that a different ghost could see him. He wrapped it around his hand, just so he knew he had it.
He was going through a hallway on the first floor when it suddenly pointed towards the step in the corner. Anon climbed the concrete steps and followed the pendent until he was outside a room.
Anon put the pendent away and placed his hand on the door. Immediately, the door went cold. Anon listen for noise and heard someone crying. Someone small, judging by the voice. Anon opened the door and couldn't believe his eyes.
In front of him, sitting on the bed crying was Amelia!
"How... Impossible!" Anon tried to steady himself, but ended up falling over.
The girl did look like Amelia but she resembled him when he was dead, a spirit.
"No, there is absolutely no way she's dead."
The girl took notice of Anon and ran out another exit.
"Hey, wait!" Anon gave chase through the abandon and decrepit rooms. She ran through several walls that had adjoining doors but when she ran out of the last room, all it had was a window. Anon quickly reached for his pendent, which was still pointing towards the specter.
"I need to know." He said as he retraced his steps outside. He ran to the side of the build where the pendent was pointing to some gardens.
"Through there then." As he ran through the entrance.
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