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 Alister & Karhrie

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PostSubject: Alister & Karhrie   Alister & Karhrie EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 6:04 pm

Karhrie took Leon's cold hand & held it, as they walked around Firelight Fountain.

He was silent for awhile & it worried Karhrie. Usually, he was very talkative.

"Are you going to tell me, Alister?" She asked.

They both stopped & Alister motioned for Karhrie to sit on the fountain's rim w/ him.

Karhrie let go of his hand & cupped both her hands together on her lap, facing Leon who seemed a little nervous. He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well... you know the day that I left Ercreia with Reggie, Kayla, & Harris, to find some solution to cleanse out the Undergrounds of those hellish monsters?"

"Of course I do." Karhrie nodded & remembered that it was almost a year ago.

"Yeah, well, we traveled to these different villages & towns, & found some useful items that was supposed to help people when they're in the Undergrounds, like charms that ward off evil spirits within a certain range & charms that repelled monsters for some time. But... Then we came across this one village.... And it was late at night & since the people there were really friendly & hospital, we thought to stay there overnight at a boarding house, but... the people, they had came into our rooms in the middle of the night & tied us up & locked us in this dark room."

Karhrie immediately took Leons hand & squeezed it.
"Oh my gosh...." She whispered.

Leon looked down to the floor.
"They took Reggie with them after a few days, & I don't know where, but we never saw him again after that. And then they took Harris next after, I believe, a month & before they took Kayla we overheard them talking about how we were sacrifices for the demons of the undergrounds. Apparently, this village also has an entrance to the undergrounds & they believe that feeding us to the monsters would keep their village safe....And... it was my turn."

Leon looked at Karhrie who looked extremely dismayed & pitiful that it made Leon look away again.

"They took me out of the room & brought me to the entrance of their Underground & shoved me in it with my hands tied & locked me in there. I heard the monsters close, so I began to run, while trying to free my hands of the rope & I did it. I freed myself & kept running through the tunnels, looking for some way out. I got attacked several times, but was able to fight back.
And then I remembered that I had a charm with me that repelled monsters & used it. I kept running for hours until I saw these two kids. It was Joey & a girl named....Amelia I think?"

"Yes, her name's Amelia & she told me that you saved her & Joey!"

"No, just the girl, I didn't-"

"No, Joey's alive!"

"He is?" Alister was surprised.

"Mhm." Karhrie smiled. "He's alive & well at the orphanage."

"Oh, Thank God. I'm glad he's OK. But-but how?"

"He told me the spirit of his Grandfather saved him."

"His Grandfather? The man that didn't want anything to do with his own family & - "

"Yes, him." Karhrie stopped him from going further.

"Wow... I can't believe it."

"I found it surprising too." Karhrie smiled a bit, but stopped when she saw Alister.

"I'm glad the kid's alright, but I... just couldn't stop thinking that I didn't turn back to save him. I didn't even tried."

Karhrie titled her head at Alister and put her hand on his shoulder. "He doesn't blame you, Alister. He forgives you. And you... are a hero Alister. You may not have saved Joey, but he forgives you, he told me he does. And you were injured & could've killed yourself if you went back to save him, leaving Amelia alone by herself.
But you saved Amelia when she could've died without you there. And she's very grateful for that. You're a hero."

Alister looked at Karhrie's eyes & soft smile.
He slide his hand to Karhrie's cheek, leaned in & kissed her.

Alister & Karhrie What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
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Alister & Karhrie
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