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 Ghost hunting with Ben

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PostSubject: Ghost hunting with Ben   Ghost hunting with Ben EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 8:59 pm

Quietly, Ben and Sarena snuck into a dusty window.

Ben said "C-c-can we go now?"
Sarena said "We just came here!"

They tiptoed across a hallway and suddenly they hear a creepy voice saying, "N-n-no one can save me. No one can help me!"

Sarena and Ben went into the room where they heard the creepy voice. But when they checked out the room they saw nothing.

Ben said, "O-o-ok if we heard this maybe w-we should get out!"

Sarena said, "Stop being such a wimp!" Then they went out of the room and walked further down the hall. Then they came acroos room 23 and heard crazy laughter.
They checked the room and nobody was there once again.

Then Sarena took a picture of the room to see if there was any ghosts.
But she didn't see anything.
Then they walked further into the hall and heard a different laughter. And this was more crazy and high pitched!
Then all of a sudden boxes and other stuff started flying at them and Ben suddenly screamed, "OH MY GOSH! RUUUUUUN!!!"

Together Ben and Sarena ran as fast as they could all the was to the 2nd floor and took a breather.

"What do you think that was?" Ben asked.

"How should I know!" Sarena snapped. And all of a sudden they saw a shadow at the end of the hallway beckoning to them with its dark hand.

Ben screamed like a girl when he saw it and same with Sarena except she is a girl.

Then Sarena shoved Ben out of her way, "OH MY GOSH MOVE IT!!" And they both started running and screaming around different hallways. And while running Sarena was brave enough to take picture behind and saw on her picture a ghost standing close to them.

"BEN LOOK AT THIS!" She showed Ben the picture while they ran. "WE RAN RIGHT THROUGH THIS GUY!"


They ran downstairs to the front door and found it was locked!
And all the windows were shut tight!

"IT'S LOCKED!" Ben shouted.

"OH MY GOSH NO!!! Even the windows!"

"I told you this was a bad idea!"

Then suddenly they heard a voice, a little girls voice.

"Play with me...."

Ben and Sarena gulped and slowly looked behind them.
At the end of the hallway in front of them was a small transparent white ghost girl in a dress, with a ball.
She bounced the ball up and down & said again, "Play with me!"

"I-I-I-I think she wants us to play with her!" Ben said to Sarena.

Sarena said "Why don't you go play with her!! I'll stay right here! I... I'm not good with kids!"

"Neither am I!" Ben said.

"You spend most of you time at the daycare! What are you talking about!? Kids love you!! So go! GO! Play with her! she's waiting!" Sarena said back.

"H-h-how about we go together? We won't be alone if just one of us goes." Ben asked.

"F-f-fine then." Sarena said.

They both followed the little girl closely together, shaking like fish out of water.

"Come! This way! Play!" She said running down a hallway, sometimes disappearing and reappearing.

"Errrrr I can't believe this!" Ben shivered.

"Tag! Let's play tag!" The ghost girl yelled. "Try to catch me!"

Ben and Sarena ran all over the 1st floor hallways trying to catch the girl while being scared. Finally, Ben caught her, but it was serendipity because he slipped and fell when his hand went through the ghost.

The ghost disappeared.

"Ah! I caught her! Sarena! I caught her!" Ben said happily.
"Good job!" Sarena said.

All of a sudden the ghost appeared again and said, "Follow me."

They followed the girl to a closed door & she disappeared.
And that closed door slowly opened.
Sarena and Ben looked through the door and saw it was outside, it was a backdoor!

"S-should we go in?" Ben asked.

"It's our only way out! Of course!!" Sarena said. "Thank you ghost girl!"

And they both ran out, but suddenly saw a grave with a teddy bear and a ball, the same ball the ghost girl had.

"Hey look!" Sarena said. "I think that's the little girls grave! The ghost girl!"

They looked at it and it read, "R.I.P Isabella Hutson."
"So her name's Isabella? Well, Isabella, thanks for showing us a way out."
"Yeah thanks Isabella." Sarena smiled. "May you rest in peace."

Ghost hunting with Ben Goofygooberfrenzy
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Ghost hunting with Ben
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