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 Sarena with Ben

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PostSubject: Sarena with Ben   Sarena with Ben EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 8:49 am

Sarena & Ben had ran to the gardens after getting out of the asylum.
Since it was raining a lot that night they couldn't run back home and when they saw gazebo in the garden they stayed there for the night.

"My moms gonna kill me!" Ben said, "She's probably wondering where I am."

"I don't even have a mom so I'm fine!" Sarena said back.

They talked for awhile until they fell asleep through the night.

When morning came, Ben was the first to wake up. He saw Sarena sleeping on his shoulder, snoring.

He looked down at her and chuckled then he slowly got up not to wake her and went around the gardens.
He saw how beautiful the gardens was and saw one flower that he liked then he decided to give it to Sarena when she woke up.

Finally Sarena woke up in a few minutes & just before Ben could give her the flower Sarena looked around her with wide eyes.

"It's morning already? Oh my gosh! C'mon Ben let's go! You're gonna be late for school! And I don't want to be responsible! And also your mom will kill you like you said! C'mon!"

"But-" ben said,"I..."

Sarena grabbed Ben, not waiting to hear what he was going to say, and ran away from the gardens. While Sarena dragged him with her Ben dropped the beautiful flower that he was going to give Sarena.

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Sarena with Ben
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