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 Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~]

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PostSubject: Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~]   Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 6:56 pm

You can only have groups of at max, 6 people!

You can either team up with another member, your second RP character, or a supportive character that you've made up in the forums, or join an existing group.


Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010 Teaming up with Supportive CharactersHunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010

Supportive characters are any characters you made up yourself to interact with your own RP character.

Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010Supportive characters share the same health & shield as you!

Whatever hit you take, they take. Whatever health you recover, they recover. And vice versa.

Your health & shield is theirs too!

It makes fighting much easier then having to keep track of supportive characters with different HP.

Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010Now for weapons, you can give them only at least 2 weapon each & with damage points in the range of 10-50. Not higher or lower.
Each supportive character can't have the same weapon & they can't have weapons with the same damage pts.

Ex. They all can't have katanas & they all can't have weapons with damage pts. of 50.

It'll be too unfair for other players.
Make your supportive characters have weapons with various damage pts.
Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 3372610345List of Weapons They Can Use

Holy Dagger - 10 damage pts
Dagger - 10 damage pts
Silver Dagger - 25 damage pts
Silver Dagger - 25 damage pts
Rapier- 15 damage pts.
Silver Rapier - 35 damage pts.
Machete - 22 damage pts.
Silver Machete - 50 damage pts.
Katana - 30 damage pts.
Pistol - 15 damage pts.
Silver Pistol - 45 damage pts.
Silver Whip - 16 damage pts.
Claw Gloves - 15 damage pts
Steel Fist Gloves - 24 damage pts.
Steel Baseball bat - 30 damage pts.

You can make up your own weapon, but remember, it has to be in the 10-50 damage pts. range.


Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010 Group Attack Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010

After knowing what monster you'll face, your group always attacks first.

Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 3372610345[Group with Supportive characters]

Fight either solo, one at a time, together with another supportive character or use Group Attack.

Group attack is when all your supportive characters & yourself attack with whatever weapon they choose & you combine the damage pts. together, dealing heavy damage on the opponent.


Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 3372610345 [Group with other real-life members]

Each member must pick a number from 1-6 & stick with it until the next Demon hunt.

Take turns fighting your monster together.

Ex. Player 1 attacks it, then Player 2 attacks it, then player 3 attacks it, then monster attacks you.

If you're all online together, use a group attack.

Group attack is when all players choose whatever weapon they want to use on demon & combine the
damage pts. together, dealing heavy damage on the opponent.
You must roll two dices for the monster to attack you.

Roll "Dice," which will determine which player will get hit by the monster.
Remember from the beginning that each player must pick a # from 1-6?
Well, if the dice rolls the same # a player chose, then that player will get attacked.
If the dice rolls of a # that no one has picked, then no one will get attacked.

Next, Roll "Damage Dice" to determine how much damage the demon will deal on you.


Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010 Different Timezones Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] 2167347010

If each player is from different timezones & can't login at the same time to RP with each other, then each must fight your own monster alone, not together.

Take turns defeating 1 monster each, alone.
EX. Gwen defeats a monster by herself, she can't go on until her other partner defeats his own monster, alone.

Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~] What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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Hunting in Groups [PLEASE READ~]
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