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An enigmatic, but skilled & talented character of strength & bravery.
Anon is a guardian of an orphan, a revenant man of the once dead, & a wise, respected instructor. He hides behind a dark hood of mystery & presents himself as a "ghost" of Ercreia, yet he shines like a knight inside.

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Tough Sarena & her cowardly "sidekick," Ben, make a great team as well as a silly & out-of-place pair, adventuring in dangerous & dark places, creating humor amongst the horror that finds them.
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PostSubject: Serpent's Lair   Serpent's Lair EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 5:50 pm

There is a large, 500 ft. tunnel at the west side of Demon City & in it is one of the most powerful demons in Demon City.

It hermits in its lair, & usually only goes out to feed on demons.
But if it comes across you, you better watch out!

It looks like a giant 500+ snake with red glaring eyes that can paralyze you


The Serpent's HP = 9,695 HP

Roll an even = -300 HP on you
Roll an odd = -100 HP on you
Roll the 6 & demon paralyzes you for 1 turn.
Roll a 1 & the demon misses you!

Serpent's Lair What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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Serpent's Lair
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