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 The Dream Ruins [Read First]

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PostSubject: The Dream Ruins [Read First]   The Dream Ruins [Read First] EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 10:59 pm

Certain people who have gone demon hunting in the Undergrounds, later begin to find themselves having vivid dreams of being in a dim-lighted ruin located underground, & it has many hallways & doors.

That place is called the Dream Ruin, which is a mysterious place found only in your dreams, if you have gone demon hunting, that allows you to see a memory from the past in vividness.

Each ruin is different to each dreamer & each door takes them to a different place.

Whether it be a door leading to the dreamer's memory, a door leading to something that haunts the dreamer, or a door leading to a place in Ercreia that they have been before, only the place will look more darker & scary looking [like Silent HillThe Dream Ruins [Read First] 253468018].
It's all up to you what kind of door your character will open.

But, these dreams don't always occur everyday, unless you want to RP it everyday...The Dream Ruins [Read First] 253468018

Everything that haunts you in your head, you might find behind a door in the ruins.
And you may have to face your worse fears in order to wake up...

This is called the Underground Haunting.


The Dream Ruins [Read First] 2167347010 The Doors The Dream Ruins [Read First] 2167347010

~ Memory Door ~
Some doors that you open in the ruins are doors that lead you to a memory that you've had or a memory that reoccurs in your head often, haunting in your mind.

You might see yourself younger or your father or someone, but whatever you do, you cannot interact with them, no matter how hard you try.
If you shout to your younger self, he/she won't hear you.
It's only a memory....

And the door that you opened that led you to the memory, won't be a door that leads you back to the ruins.
Instead, it may be a closet door or a bathroom door or some other door.

You can only watch your memory.
And you'll know when the memory ends & you must move on, when you notice an out of place door somewhere.

That door will lead you back to the dream ruins.

~ Door of Taint ~
Some doors that you open in the ruins are doors that lead you to a place in Ercreia that you've been to before, except it looks tainted, scarier, creepier, darker, & there are demons there!
Or it'll bring you to a memory that'll slowly turn tainted, see Twisted Hallucinations.

The door you went through to get to that place is not there anymore & you'll have to find another door that will lead you back to the ruins.

You can interact with your surroundings & you can use any objects you find in the place to help you survive while trying to find the door that leads you back to the ruins.

When your HP reaches 0, you will wake up.

If you have successfully found the door that leads you back to the ruins, you may either wake up or open another door in the ruins.

~ The Golden Door ~
It only appears in the Dream Ruins if you begin to have Twisted Hallucinations.
The Golden Doors lead you to wake up, but are a little tricky to find....



Sometimes you may find somebody in the Dream Ruins, that means something to you or is connected to you [ex. father, someone you love, your younger self, a best friend], & you can interact with that person.

But, remember, they are only figments of the mind....

That certain person is known to help you in Dream Ruins or provide you company, & is called the Guider.

They may be a different person each time you dream.

The Dream Ruins [Read First] What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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The Dream Ruins [Read First]
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