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PostSubject: Sarena's Dream Ruins   Sarena's Dream Ruins EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 8:18 pm

Sarena finds herself waking up in a strange place, a place she's never seen before.
She sees hallways all around her with little torches on the walls used as light.
She got up and looked down each hallway and they all looked the same to her. Except that one hallway had a door a few feet from her. And a bit of light was seeping out of it.
She went to the door where the light seeped out of it because it wasn't like the rest.
She went through the door and went to a place that she remembered.

It was a memory of her when she was 6 years old and she was with her real parents, Eric and Emily at a carnival called Cupcake Carnival.

"Oh my gosh! I remember this place! It's Cupcake Carnival! It used to be like my favorite carnival!"

Sarena looked around and saw kids with cupcakes and pastries walking around, having fun and smiling by game and food stands and rides.

Sarena smiled widely as she looked around the place. "I haven't been here in years!!!" Then suddenly something caught Sarena's eye. It was a cupcake shaped balloon.
And It was little Sarena.

Sarena gasped as she saw herself as a kid holding a cupcake shaped balloon riding on her father's shoulders and laughing.

"And that's dad!" Sarena was about to run to them when suddenly a woman ran right though her.
"Woah!" Sarena said as the woman went through her as though Sarena was a ghost.

Sarena looked at the woman that was running in front of her torward the other Sarena and the father and realized it was her mother! Sarena recognized that flower hat anywhere!

"Wait...." Sarena said to herself quietly, "I definitely remember this. This was one of my best days ever...... before mom died and dad left me...." Sarena watched the mother sneak up behind them and surprising them with Sarena's favorite sundae.

"Sweet Sundae Sunrise...." Sarena said quietly to herself as she watched her younger self shout happily and then steal her mom's hat and putting it on herself while taking the sundae, and the parents laughing when she did that....

Sarena began weeping from happiness from seeing this memory of hers. Then she began to run to them shouting, "Mom! Dad!"
But when she got to them she gasped and her happiness left her.

The faces of her parents were unclear and blurred. Yet her younger self wasn't.

'No... What.... Why are they like that?" Sarena let down a tear from her eye. "Why are there faces blurred up?" Sarena wondered as her dad played airplane with little Sarena and her mother laughing.

Sarena stopped walking with them and let them walk away.
Then suddenly she saw everything around her start to fade away.

"No.... No.. No! Wait! What's happening? What's going on? Why's everything disappearing? Stop this! No, please don't go away! Stop!"
Sarena ran torward her fading self and parents but before she could reach them they disappeared. And soon everything around her, the sounds of laughter and the rides, and place she was in, faded away into darkness while Sarena cried desperately and tried to wonder what was going on, running everywhere and sobbing.

"No! No! Wait! Come back! Come back!"

(End of dream)

"No!" Sarena woke up on her own bed in her own shed, sweating and panting.
When Sarena realized it was all a dream she brought her legs up her stomahce and began crying in hr knees.

"I miss you...." Sarena cried as she thought about her real parents and the memory of herself with her real parents at the carnival.

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Sarena's Dream Ruins
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