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All about Guardian Angel

About Me :
Age: 17
Astrology: Taurus

Hey! n_n
I am the admin of this wonderful forum. =D

And, to put it short, I'm a calm & nice girl with a strong, kind yet childish heart & a determined, yet mature mind.

So, anyways, this is my very first RP forum, so I'm sorry if this isn't as similar to other RP forums! =_=;
Please don't hesitate to tell me when I mess up somewhere in the forums!

And I will hear any ideas you have for this forums, if you have any, but please don't feel down if an idea gets rejected.

Ciao~! n_n
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Cartoons, illustrations, art, anime, tv shows, movies, drawings, astrology, gym activities, video games, dreams, poetry, supernatural, good ideas, paranormal, food, role play, stickers, & animals.
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Video games, drawing, singing, badminton, writing fics, piano, personalizing things, shopping, watching tv & movies, computer, daydreaming, sleeping, listening to music.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
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