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RP Character Spotlight

- Anon -

An enigmatic, but skilled & talented character of strength & bravery.
Anon is a guardian of an orphan, a revenant man of the once dead, & a wise, respected instructor. He hides behind a dark hood of mystery & presents himself as a "ghost" of Ercreia, yet he shines like a knight inside.

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The RP Duo
- Sarena & Ben -

Tough Sarena & her cowardly "sidekick," Ben, make a great team as well as a silly & out-of-place pair, adventuring in dangerous & dark places, creating humor amongst the horror that finds them.
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A little warm in the day, but it will be chilly in the afternoon & night.

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Ercreia's Episodes

Below are a list of episode summaries, containing only important events that has happened, to remind members & inform newcomers.
Unimportant events will not be mentioned in the summaries.


Underground Haunting Episodes


All Ercreia's Episodes

Episode 1

- Episode 1 -

► A strange note is found on the Bulletin Board.

► (Day 1) A child (Alicia) goes into the Underground & a worried mother is seeking help for any brave soul who will venture into the depths of the Underground to find her.

► (Night 1) On the rainy night, an enigmatic newcomer (Anon) arrives in Ercreia bringing news to an orphanage worker that a girl named Amelia will soon make an appearance at the Orphanage.

► (Day 2) Karhrie, a villager of Ercreia, decides to search for Alicia in the Undergrounds, but is poorly equipped & is not used to fighting there alone.
She gets injured by a monster (which she defeats) in the Underground & delays the search for Alicia.

► (Day 2) Karhrie visits the Orphanage, but is turned away by Lydia, an Orphanage worker, because of a fight between the "cursed" child (Thomas) & Ramy.

Episode 2

- Episode 2 -

► (Night 2) On a quiet night, a knocking is heard at the orphanage door, and who was there? A wounded little girl with bandages over her eyes. She was Amelia.

► (Day 3) Karhrie finds a surprising gift (med kit) at her door & heals herself, before heading to the Orphanage to find a newcomer there named, Amelia.

► (Day 4) Anon sneaks into the Orphanage to give Amelia a mysterious potion which instantly heals & awakens the once dormant Amelia.

► (Day 4) Karhrie visits her mother, Airene, at the clinic & finds that her patient is a little girl named Emily who had disappeared a day ago, & suddenly turned up today, but is unresponsive & seems to endlessly repeat-

"Follow or be punished...Flawed are the needless, serve or be punished... Damned are the helpless, follow or be punished... Fortune in your mind, soul is ours...."

What does this mean?

► (Day 4) Three kids at the Orphanage decide to make the distant Amelia their friend.

Episode 3

- Episode 3 -

► (Day 5) Karhrie finally has the chance of meeting Amelia.

► (Day 5) Emily is a little better than before & responsive, but cannot remember what had happened to her before her disappearance.

► (Day 5) Another strange note appears, but the words on the note are the same words that the ill Emily had spoken during her mental absent!
Is Emily the one writing the strange notes?
If she is, then why?

► (Night 5) A mysterious woman appears in Ercreia, responsible for Amelia's orphan status & has been aiming to kill Anon, finds Anon during the stormy night of the village, but spares his life.

Episode 4

- Episode 4 -

► (Day 6) Emily has gotten well & moved in back home, but has no recollection of ever writing the strange note from Episode 3, if she even wrote it.

► (Day 6) Joey from the Orphanage has gone missing! Karhrie plans to find him,  by going into the Underground.

► (Day 6) Karhrie faints from what seems to be a fever, & is taken to the clinic by her father, Chris.
Airene, mother of Karhrie, wife of Chris, & nurse at the clinic, states that Karhrie is the 5th one to have a fever within under an hour since the first person to get a fever.
Coincidence? Or is something strange going on?

► (Night 6) Anon visits the Orphanage, but finds that Amelia is missing & has gone with Joey into the Undergrounds. Jennia, an orphan kid, knows about Anon.

► (Night 6) Anon discovers that the waters has been poisoned.

► (Night 6) Anon is attacked by the same mysterious woman, who's name is Sai, from Ep. 3, & learns that she had poisoned the waters of Eumalia, which caused the village illness, & had made Joey & Amelia go into the Undergrounds.

► (Night 6) Anon is killed by Sai, but is given a chance to live again. Now as a spirit, he must find a way to go back into his body before it is buried by the villagers.
He has also created healing potions for the clinic.

Episode 5

- Episode 5 -

► (Day 7) The clinic discovers the healing potions left by Anon & used them to heal Karhrie & the sick patients.

► (Day 7) Karhrie's father's Blacksmith shop has been robbed!

► (Day 7) Karhrie searches for Joey in the Undergrounds, but does not succeed.

► (Day 7) The dead body of Anon is found by spectators near Firelight Fountain.

► (Night 7) Anon retrieves his boy back & heads for the mythical place called Aurora Waterfalls, where he encounters a Goddess who sends his spirit back into his own body.

► (Night 7) Sarena (SweetSundae66) gets upset to find her crush, Aiden, with another girls, & sneaks into Karhrie's house, crying herself to sleep on her sofa.

Episode 6

- Episode 6 -

► (Day 8) Karhrie finds Amelia in the Undergrounds, who tells her that Joey has been taking by one of the monsters. She also finds her boyfriend, Alister, who has a high fever & is unconscious.

► (Night 8) Anon & Amelia are back together again & Anon suddenly meets an old ally, Rongyu the musician, who intends on finding the Great Wolf.

► (Day 9) Karhrie finds Joey at Firelight Fountain & brings him back to the Orphanage. She asks Joey about what happened to him in the Undergrounds & she discovers that the spirit of Joey's Grandfather had saved Joey's life from a demon!

► (Night 9) Rongyu finds the Great Wolf & Anon leaves him to check out the haunted asylum. There he meets the future spirit of Amelia who brings news of a demon that will kill villagers of Ercreia. Meanwhile, three suspicious men take shelter in Anon's home.

Episode 7

- Episode 7 -

► (Day 10) Alister is fine, but explains to Karhrie why he was gone for so long - He & his group had came across a village that intended on using them as sacrifices to the Underground demons, believing it will keep them from hurting their village. But Alister escaped.

► (Night 10) Sarena & her best friend, Ben, explore the haunted asylum & found that they are locked in! Suddenly a ghost girl appears wanting them to play with them & after their playing, the ghost girl leads them to a back door where they find the ghost girl's grave & find out her name is Isabella, thanked her, & left.

► (Day 11) Alister & Karhrie warm up for the Demon Hunts of 8/28/2011/

Episode 8

- Episode 8 -

► (Day 12) Demon Hunts has begun & Anon's intruders have been driven away.