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 Spirit's Church

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PostSubject: Spirit's Church   Spirit's Church EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 6:41 pm

Also known as Church of the Spirit.

In Demon City, there is a church there that appears ruined through the eyes of demon & human.

But only the a spirit of a human can see what the church really is...

It is illuminating with an ethereal sense.

And when you enter the church, it looks restored when you are a spirit than you were a human & there is an aura of serenity & contentment everywhere. There is golden light pouring through stained windows & the entire place is lit in heavenly beauty.

And standing by the altar is either a handsome man or a beautiful woman, depending on your preference.

And that person appears to be an angel to you.

And it speaks...

"Welcome (your name) to my church. It is protected from the eyes of the demons and those of bodies. But not from you, spirit.
And here is where you will be tested to judge whether or not you're worthy of having life again.
I hope you are ready spirit because it begins- NOW!"

Suddenly the entire church is dimmed & it begins to shed away its beauty and sense of holiness.

The windows shatter & all there is seen outside is complete darkness. A sense of fear now begins to form.

And the person that was before you is not a person anymore, but a large, terrifying, & foul creature with two razor sharp claws on each hand, rotting flesh, yellow fiery eyes, & large pointed teeth.

The creature shrieks loudly into the air before charging at you.


(Your HP is now at its max)

Spirit's Church 2167347010RP Characters with HP below 300 must fight Soul Snatcher I!

Spirit's Church 2167347010RP Characters with
HP above 300 must fight Soul Snatcher II!

Roll the Damage Dice to determine how much damage it will deal you!

Soul Snatcher I (200 HP): Even roll is -30 HP on you.
Odd roll is -10 HP on you.
Roll a 1 or 6 & it's a miss!Spirit's Church 3372610345

Soul Snatcher II (350 HP): Even roll is -50 HP on you.
Odd roll is -30 P on you.
Roll a 1 or 6 & it's a miss! Spirit's Church 3372610345


- If you Win -

You can go back into your body with full health & 100c reward.


- If you Lose -

Your soul will be taken by the Soul Snatcher, but fortunately you get saved by a strange light entity that puts you back into your own body.

But you will only awaken with half your HP & you get no rewards.

Spirit's Church What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
(Sig made by me! ♥️ n_n)
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Spirit's Church
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