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PostSubject: Karhrie's Dream Ruins   Karhrie's Dream Ruins EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 8:51 pm

Karhrie awoke to find herself lying on an unfamiliar cold ground of stone.

The setting confused Karhrie as she slowly got up & saw that she was in a strange place that she has never seen before.

it looked like she was in an ancient or medieval hallway where the walls, ceilings, floors were made out of old stone & hanging on the walls where torches.

It was very cold & the hallways, behind & in front of her, looked the same to her, endless.

Karhrie crossed her arms & rubbed them with her hands.

Where am I?... What is this place?
Karhrie thought as she looked around.

She began to walk forward & thought maybe she should keep walking in that direction.

She began to wonder many questions, until she realized that she has entered the Dream Ruins.

She has heard of it before, that people who have gone demon hunting in the Undergrounds, sometimes start to dream about the Dream Ruins.

Karhrie has been demon hunting many times before, & she first started when she was 19!
But this was the first time she has ever dreamed about the Dream Ruins before.

Karhrie was pretty scared at the thought.
She remembered what happens in the Dream Ruins & Karhrie is truly frightened inside....
She admits that when she has to handle the unknown, by herself, alone, she doesn't believe she can handle it well.

If only I didn't I have to face this alone!
Karhrie brought her arms in close to her & her heart began pounding when she finally found her first door.

she hesitated to open it, afraid of the outcome, but she finally twisted the knob & entered through the door.

It was a memory door, & it led her to a memory of her when she was 7 years old.

Karhrie looked behind her & saw that the door that she had gone through, wasn't there anymore.
There was just a wall.

Karhrie then looked back at her memory.

She saw herself, little 7 year old Karhrie, swinging on a swing set, her favorite place at the school playground.

It was recess and Karhrie saw many children running around & having fun.

"Try to catch me!" Karhrie heard a familiar voice from behind her.

She turned around & saw little Cassie running away from little Alister
Cassie was a girl Karhrie once knew when she was little, but when Karhrie was 10, Cassie & her family moved away from Ercreia.

Cassie ran right through Karhrie, which startled her , & then Alister went through her after.

"That's what I'm trying to do!" Young Alister yelled back at young Cassie who laughed & continued running.

Karhrie smiled seeing this place again, seeing everyone around her as a child again.

Then, suddenly Alister tripped & fell in the mud in front of the young Karhrie swinging on the swings.

Present Karhrie gasped & ran over to Alister but then remembered what had happened during this memory, & stopped & watched as young Karhrie stopped swinging & ran over to the young Alister in the mud.

"Are you alright?" Young Karhrie asked as she helped the dirtied young Alister out from the mud.

"Yeah, I'm fine, than- " Young Alister looked up his savior & found himself staring into the eyes of young Karhrie & he seemed frozen.

Present Karhrie couldn't help but smile & chuckle to herself, remembering that this was the memory of when she had met Alister.

She remembered that her heart beated so fast when Alister looked at her, even though he was covered in mud.
His face was so.... beautiful...& they were so close.

Present Karhrie saw her younger self turn beet red when Alister looked up at her.

"I-I.... I'm glad that.... you're- you're fine..." Young Karhie was just as red as Alister was.

Love at first sight. Present Karhrie chuckled to herself. I never knew that I was one to experience it...

Then suddenly a young Cassie came up to the young Karhrie & Alister & saw how they were both looking at each other.

Present Karhrie stopped smiling.

"Oh my Gosh, Alister are you alright?" Cassie put her hand on Alister, who couldn't take his eyes off of Karhrie.

"I-I..." Alister could only stammer.

Cassie's face suddenly frowned.
She looked over at Karhrie who was still gazing at Alister & shoved her.

"Hey!" Alister yelled in shocked.

"Ah!" Karhrie fell backwards into the mud & looked up in surprise at the angry looking Cassie.

"You -.... You stay away from us you- you loser!" Cassie grabbed Alister who was bewildered & kept on stuttering, & dragged him away. "Alister's my friend & you better stay away from us or else!!!"

"Ow! Cassie your hurting my arm!" Alister said as he was being dragged by Cassie.
He looked helplessly back at young Karhrie, who was sitting in the mud, staring back at him in tears.
When the first tear dropped, young Karhrie got up from the mud & ran in the opposite direction...

Present Karhrie had her hand covering her mouth, as she watched her younger self run away in tears while the kids that saw her laughed at her.

She felt her tears choked up in her throat, & she refused to let them out, but it was hard to.
& eventually they streamed down her cheek.

Karhrie's Dream Ruins What-We-Cant-See-x144
We don't see them, yet they see us.
We should be lucky that we cannot.
Or fear will be at every corner of our lives.
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Karhrie's Dream Ruins
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